So yesterday we finally met up with Henning (and Fridah) in George. We had some food and chatted about our adventures. We also delivered his medication, maps and stickers he’d ordered whilst “online shopping” at the “overlandbirds shop”. I didn’t know we had a shop on our site but we must have one as we had all sorts of stuff he’d ordered off us !!After the long anticipation of meeting up we departed again this morning. Following the long tradition we camped on the street outside his hotel. The hotel wasn’t willing to let us sleep in the car parked in their carpark but was willing for us the park the car in their carpark and sleep in Hennings room for free. I can’t see the difference. A parked car is a parked car, even if we are not inside it. Anyhow its their choice. So we slept directly outside the hotel in the car almost 10 meters from where we wanted to sleep.The shipping quotes are coming together and it won’t be long till we depart Africa for South America. We are planning on leaving on or around the 20th of November. If all plans fail we have a mind to drive back up to the middle east of go to India via Iran. We’ve also had an idea about getting a round the world air ticket so we don’t get lumbered with no return ticket in South America. It maylso be cheaper, as daft as that sounds even to me.Name that bird….the one in the last photo.

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