Last night we slept in a Truck Stop just like the ones you’ve all seen. It wasn’t too bad actually and half the price of any of the rubbish camp sites in the area. The showers were hot and the toilets were OK. A bit grubby but OK for the price. What else do you need in a campsite? It was in walking distance of the 24 hour store and fast food outlet (choice of two!). The entertainment was the drunk truck drivers in the TV lounge. I had a conversation with two of them. Well actually they had a conversation with me as I didn’t understand 50% of the first one and any of the later one at all. Its a mix of Afrikaans and English and usually starts as Afrikaans and turns to English when the reaslise i’m not. In the case of the latter conversation I can honestly say I didn’t know what language he was speaking. Drunkaans possibly.Tonight we sleep on the street as the campsite is, to be honest, just too awful to stay in when you have to pay for the privilege. Port Elizabeth is actually an OK place and the wind has finally let up so the weather is good. Finally. I’m not sure how long it will last as after having almost a year with good weather we have sort of got used to it. Picture of the bungie bridge Henning was supposed to jump off. He didn’t.I’m going to try to post a fuel costing sheet on the costs page. Lets see how that goes. Weebly is rubbish at cut and pasting.

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