Captain America

Sat having dinner in, guess where. Manager/owner gave us it half price. Thanks. This is the second time he’s looked after us.Matilda took some starting. At least 1minute of cranking and door locks all frozen up. It was too cold for the gas cooker to light. The gas doesn’t evaporate as its too cold. We managed to start the webasto heater and used that to warm the gas can and then that to melt the doors open. Where theres a will….My two AGM batteries linked to get her started. They might be nearly 4 years old but they still pack enough punch to crank a very cold engine for well over a minute. Last night we slept at Gayle and John’s and this was a wise choice. It took us a few hours to sort the car out. It would not have been nice at 10pm….I’m glad she insisted. Thanks to them.

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