Artic Blast

Yes, it really is a film… mother has it on DVD. I avoided watching it.Its been a cold night after the hospitality of others for the days after we arrived back in the USA. The snow has been falling and I’ve been watching people clear their driveways (see photo). The last two nights we’ve been in the car for the first time since we left. New RAB sleeping bag being used to full effect. Its was way under zero Celsius.Thanks to Gayle and John Canary (another Bird) for putting us up in their lovely home for a couple of nights when we got back. Without that we would be up at 10pm trying to start the car. This took an hour as all the doors were frozen shut so luckily we did it in the morning. Matilda spluttered into life eventually.  We met some family and friends and even had some home made shortbread off Shona, a Scottish ex-pat. Another thanks to Josh for letting us park the car in his fridge…..Steve Hoare and his wife Susie put us up and fed and watered us a little too much. The diet took a back seat for the many bottles of Wine. Steve is the USA Editor of Land Rover International Magazine. Not sure we’ll get a mention in the magazine….Susie even did us a pack-up for the road. Yummy.We might be meeting Steve again in a few days as he’s got some Editorial stuff to do with an old James Bond Landy….! Keep your eye on the magazine.

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