Breakfast At Tiffanys Actually Livingstones

Today, Sunday we had breakfast at the five star hotel down the river near the falls. The breakfast on the Island was off/cancelled due to high water which is a shame as its literally on the edge of the falls. Anyhow we had a wonderful breakfast including Julies favorite, Eggs Benedict ! It was a little cheaper than on the Island but all the same we got to eat on the terrace and watch the river flow past. The reason for this is its my Birthday this week and also Julie’s 40th in a few days. Mum paid for our breakfast in lieu of a card and present. I’ve also been saved the normal hassle of going into Doncaster to exchange my gift as Mum normally buys me a load of rubbish (i think now she does this deliberatly and carefully). Thanks Mum ! The flight home would have been expensive just too exchange the gift.To cap this off we are thinking of taking a microlight flight above the falls. We are still thinking about it as its a lot of money but not too much it will break the bank. Watch this space.

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