Wonderful World

We’ve been thinking that we’ve been around a bit and we were actually trying to find a list….What are the “7 wonders of the world” ?Anyhow from a few of the lists we’ve seen this is what we have ticked off. We’ve been near to The Great Barrier Reef and to some of the others but not actually touched them. We want to see the Nothern Lights and go to Machu Picchu, Peru. There’s some others that would be nice and we will do them on this trip. So the question is,,,,,we’ve already done more than 7 so they need a bigger list. Possibly we could start the “26 wonders of the world” list and make some money printing t-shirts.Petra, JordanPyramids, EgyptGrand Canyon, USAVictoria Falls, Zambia/ZimbabweGreat Wall of China, ChinaTaj Mahal, IndiaChannel Tunnel, England (and unfortunately France)CN Tower, CanadaGolden Gate Bridge, USAEmpire State Building, USAColosseum, ItalyYosemite National Park, USA (according to my Dad…)

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