1991 Flashback

Today we went to the Hotel where we stayed in 1991 when we were both young. This was the Nyali Beach Hotel in  Mombasa and its not changed much. They still have dress restrictions in the restaurant and the pool where we both learnt to scuba dive was the same. We wandered around the gardens trying to figure out which room we stayed in. Hopefully when we get home we can figure out where we stayed. The hotel will always be in my mind as the one where i finished Super Mario Land on the Gameboy (5 hours) sat on the toilet after getting the worse food poisoning i’ve ever had from a prawn sandwich. Many weeks later we were still bad and this lasted of course when we returned home. We ate again in the bar today but only a samosa and some fries. My stomach is OK so far…..Tea Plantations – Kericho, Kenya

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