Here we are back on the road proper. Long distances to cover interspersed with fantastic National Parks. Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef.  At least at this end of the road it is broken up with good things, not sure about later on. Its been cold and they forecast snow last night in Bryce Canyon. We opted to carry on out of the park and camp elsewhere. We had out first proper wild camp in the USA. A little like an African one. We get away from the road and even had a fire. Lots of dead wood around and the signs all said no wild fire risk so we were cosy. It was very cold though and quite windy. I hate wind, both types. Had a lot of that recently as Panda Express poisoned us. I was really bad and Julie almost. It brought on my old symptoms again which we still attribute to Reef Fish Poisoning although I’m at a loss as to what it was. Need some tests when I get home as every time i eat anything vaguely dodgy I get full on shivers, high temp and pins and needles in my hands. A blanket and two -20c sleeping bags and still shivering. Two hours later I was sweating it out with the sheets off and could have run round outside naked.Matilda is being adored by all the people in the Parks. She might be famous. We now have stickers that say “Its not a Bloody Jeep” and also one with a bit more colourful word than “Bloody”. So Matilda is not a Jeep and really I’m only telling you this so when an American searches for “Matilda Jeep” it comes up. Just like it does when you put “Matilda Land Rover” in Google. At least to Google shes famous.Thanks to the US Navy for the stickers…..Josh and Neill. Tax Dollars at work. I could go mad with a sticker printer. I really could.
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