So the garage did a efficient job getting us on our way. We left there about lunchtime Tuesday. A few problems with the diff-lock lever which I knew we would. Last time it took me ages to get it working in the correct position. Same this time. Mechanic knew what he was doing after I explained what I did last time. We did manage to break the relay though and this was repaired with a bit of soldering. I don’t think I saw a single use of a torque wrench in the repair or indeed thread-lock. Not to say I don’t trust them, but I don’t. I think he thread-locked the prop bolt which we re-used although I do have a new set.I know I threadlock every bolt and do things perfectly and do not cut corners at all. However, having seen some garages miss bolts off not torque anything up I will not be confident that its been fitted 100% correctly for many many months. Even the lack of threadlock freaks me out let alone the torque wrench….They might be wonderful….I do worry. However a bolt did fall out the bottom of the car about a mile after we left so we went back. Turns out they lost it and replaced it which I’m confident they did as I’d seen a new bolt when I was under the car in the shop…..At least we are moving. Now I hope the oil is OK….first time we’ve used this brand and I still think the other oil was the culprit. We are now trying to figure out if we can send the box back for the core refund.

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