You You You

This is the call you hear as you drive through Ethiopia. Small children saying “You You You” from the side of the road or right in your face as you walk down the road. This is sometime followed by “Hello”, “Money” or “Pen”. the latter two are ignored or replied with some quip from either me or Julie. Its getting to be annoying and because of the days events we’ve almost had enough of Ethiopia. Ethiopia was becoming a rather nice place but today we’ve had some bad experiences involving damage to the car with a mob surrounding the car and hitting it with the sticks (they all seem to carry them). This mob was celebrating the Christian festival happening all over Ethiopia from the 19th. Not very Christian if you ask me.  They were demanding money and this on a main road from the epicenter of the celebrations but about 100km away (where we had just visited). We’d passed about 5 or so of these traditional gatherings some with what must have been 1000 people. The nasty one seemed to have about 100 who surrounded the car and started getting agressive. Not a nice experience at all. We now have two nice golf ball sized dents in my side of the car.We are now in a hotel garden in Bahir Dar. To top this all off i think i’ve lost my LED torch. I’m not happy !Pictures (thanks to Henning for some good ones….you will know which they are!!!)The Ibex and some BaboonsMe showing Julie where the Ibex areMatildaMatilda and MeThe Local shop and some kidsHenning (this is when he arrived at Tim and Kims. This involved me waving like Forrest Gump. You know, the part where he’s on the boat waving at Captain Dan.Tim and Kims (more of that later)Castle in Gondor (200Birr each and almost worth it)As aboveSome Bird I met.Simien National ParkJulie in one of the Stunning VistasLook carefully you can see MatildaLook carefully you can see MatildaOur Scout (i hope he didn’t steal my torch!!!)More IbexHenning….they are behind you!!!

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