Yorkshire Pride Four Lions On Our Shirts Actually Five

You are all officially BLIND !!!Look behind the Stork…..just like i did.  (See the previous blog entry)If it wasn’t for the stork we would have never spotted them. I said “take a picture of the stork” to Julie as it was quite close and although we’d seen many of them before it was good photo. I then got out the Binoculars to take a look and spotted the backdrop. Four Cubs and their Mum sat behind the mound. One of the Cubs decided Mums tail was a plaything and then she stood up, the little one scarpered……They all then walked off. So 15 mins later and we would have missed them. If the Stork hadn’t been there we would have missed them.So you’d be useless as safari guides or in fact almost any job requiring observation skills. Also we did put a pin on the MAP when we saw them. You all failed.Big 4…one to go.So some more photos a little larger than usual.

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