What A Spectacle

I hate Vision Express….they were given a fair crack of the whip and i even had to resort to a Data Protection request to get my records. Why don’t opticians give your PD measurment (Pupil Distance)? Answer, so they can stop you going to mail order places and getting glasses made on the cheap. The only optician in the UK that believes this is wrong is “Metsuki”. You should google for them and order a free ruler to measure your own PD. We got ours today. Its the same one the opticians use. They even have a web camera App so you can get it measured online. Save quite a bit on your glasses and lenses.As it happens we went to specsavers for Julies but i got mine from Metsuki. We now both have what Julie calls “pedo glasses”…If you want to see mine just take a look at the “Who are we?” page. Theres something dodgy about lenses that go dark all year round….

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