Washing Day At The Beach

I’m sure we came here to holiday and travel. We today we travelled very little but at least to a cheaper campsite. We found one with a washing machine in a Nature Reserve. Its a lovely setting. The beach is fantastic. We are going to stay another day. They washing machine is 15p per load !!! We might stay longer.Some photos tomorrow of the beach since I waffling on about it. We’ve also heard from Des and Hennie who we met in Zam and we’re in the process of arranging a visit to their place.Its lot warmer here….thank goodness. I’m drinking Beer again. Its warm enough, just. My ulcer that i’ve attibuted to the Doxy malaria tablets might be from a lack of beer. I will test the hypothosis for a few days a let you know. I think 12 cans should be enough. After that i’ll try Gin and Tonic

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