Viva Las Vegas

We really had a good time at the Land Rover (Southern California and San Diego) weekend. I did some talks and they had a collection for us ! Totally out of the blue we got a pile of Dollars for “Gas Money”. We got tee-shirts and all sorts of free stuff. I’m wearing one now ! All my old shirts are oily. That’s what you get for owning a Defender and knowing folks that do ! THANKS to all that looked after us and gave to our “cause”. (I’m not sure what that cause is other than trying to last the trip financially )We had a bit of a problem on the way though. Our Alternator broke. Luckily one of the guys at the show owns a scrap yard and brought us (well Alex brought us) two V8 alternators. They don’t fit our car but one was cut to fit on the brackets and the other butchered for spare parts to repair the old one. My spare was fault. Would you credit it, we’d been carrying it fro two years and it was faulty. Because of the Alternator we never made any of the trails so missed out and sat FREEZING in the camp site. It costs a lot to heat a campsite….$14usd per night in wood ! And that’s’ considering my Yorkshireman economy on the wood burning. I don’t build a bonfire…..As mums been with us we’ve done a lot of sights in California and ended up back in Vegas for her to fly home. Unfortunately we didn’t take many photos recently. Not sure why we didn’t it was just on the bottom of the list. We neglected to take a single photo at the LR weekend….we should have taken loads. We met a few defenders and Chris in his 2.5 NA 90 along with his Daughter. There are so many names and you might know I’m useless at remembering names so I’m relying on Julie. We will Email ones that we got details off. We are planning on going to the British Car Day in San Diego although only if we can blag a free ticket for Matilda. They only charge exhibitors and not spectators and we’d be classed as an exhibitor.Mum didn’t like the first Caricature….can you guess which one ?More on Matilda….she’s still leaking and I need to fix the wipers. Wiper stuff is here and Mum got it so I just need to get down to it. The leak will have to wait. We have the offer of a Garage in San Diego so we will take a look there. It might be the gearbox output seal. I really need to pressure wash under her to see properly. None of the wash places here have ramps…..We are still looking for a LARGE box for the roof but only 10inch tall. We thought we got one the other day but its 12inch tall so would not go in a shipping container whilst still on the roof. We might need to get one made.
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