The Walking Dead

As you can probably guess the virus thing has effected our plans. Evacuation back to the UK after a very long thought process of “shall we stay or shall we go”. We spent about 20 days in relative isolation in South Africa and then flew back. Wore masks for 14 hours on the plane which sat on the runway in South Africa for 2 hours first. Got almost straight into a rental car in the UK and came straight over to my mum’s house which is where we’ve been ever since. Car is stored in Jo-burg at a friends house. Thank goodness for them!Who knows how long it will be till we get back. We were fully covered on the Insurance to stay in Africa but the risk was unknown so we came back and the trip insurance is now expired. We would have been covered on the new extension policy anyhow. I got that in writing!Been a bit bored back in the UK. Could have taken the opportunity to do so much stuff but I haven’t. Spend 12 hours in bad almost and then do nothing all day. Its still rubbish here and i’m not sure the relaxing of the rules is a good idea at the moment but it is what it is i suppose.Now i’ll post some photos. People like Photos.Some Extra Ventilation for the Fridge.
Few Animals From Kruger.
Random Namibia inc. a flat TyreThe BFGoodrich KM3 had come all the way down West Africa which was a lot of Kilometers. Excellent Tyre which i cannot fault.
Few of Angola…
Field Repairs from the Nigeria to Cameroon mud slide.

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