The Long Hot Summer

Some of you may be wondering where we are going and why and for how long. Well,,,considering the pound has just dropped its pants to the other currencies of the world we may be home sooner than later. I’ve no idea why the pound is so weak considering the Euro and Euro Zone are in such a bad shape. The Pound has even gone down against to Argentina Peso. How can that be so??? The Peso is one of the most unwanted currencies ! They won’t even change it for Chilie Peso’s at the border unless you give them 50% more. Anyhow….Checking the financial status we still have,,,,wait for it…..two more years. So to Mum, Dad and family that may come as a bit of a shock. My excuse for this is why would we want to come home to a place where speed cameras are coming back into fashion and bus lanes and stupid traffic systems make the trudge to whatever work you can find a nightmare. The only reason to come home is because its still home and you lot are there! The rest of the UK is pretty crap really. For Hennings benefit its still cheaper than Denmark….. We will continue travelling as long as Julie and I don’t kill each other first. I think you’ll find my body somewhere in the Amazon. We need to have a bit of fun and we’re on our way to Mardi Gras. The problem with that fantasy is that Mardi Gras is in Brazil and its not really very safe…..We will be on high alert for the duration and will only be parking in proper car parks which we have been told are $50usd per night ! The only saving grace to that is they have showers and stuff. So they are actually the most expensive campsites we’ve ever stayed in. Thats if we can get a spot in the only one we know in Rio and the one (Tucan Overland bus driver) Suzie told us about in Namibia.So two more years…..we really should think about things back at home. We might of course run out of money sooner and Matilda might burst into flames as she’s already attempted once. The offending lighting system is now on a 1 Amp fuse….not 20Amp as Land Rover installed.So far the weather is applicable to sleeping in a car and cooking in the back. When the rains come, which they will, how will we feel then. We are going to try for a 10 year USA visa and Matilda on a 1 year US entry. So this will give us lots of time in the US. Not sure if once we are in we can leave the car and come home. Flights to the UK are cheap from the states. Why are we already thinking about the USA? We haven’t finished here yet…..”chance favours the prepared mind”. Will we be bankrupt when we return home. Probably…….the government might then give me some “Jobseekers Allowance” (about £65 per week) having squandered all our money on none essential vacation. This is the way of the UK system. You get benefits if you have no money no matter how you wasted it ! There might be no money left by then when all the Eastern Europeans turn up in Jan 2014…..Next stop Val Pariso….our adventure in Chile is nearly over.

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