The Fifth Estate

Not its not Wiki-leaks but Water Leaks. Today we have removed the roof rack and all it contains. A pretty major operation which hasn’t been done since and bloody long time ago in a galaxy far far away…..England no less. The roof was washed and sealed with all sorts of magic sprays and lotions. I doubt it will stop the water. Matilda also now has new guttering. This isn’t finished so no photos of the guttering yet. Watch out for those. We really must say thanks to Neill and Josh for letting us use their workshop and all in contains. I’ve even used the lathe, which is the first time since i was about 16 years old that I have. The other day we were also welding my exhaust which now resembles Frankenstein. Its got more patches than a family quilt. Only in America do you have a phone system and internet line in your garage….so its a pretty good campsite. But really guys, you need to get a shower put in otherwise you won’t get passing overlanders taking liberties with you facilities !I should also mention both Neill and Josh are networking, IP, Data types. I’ve not been talking tech….honestly.

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