Super 16

Fitted an EMS management system to the Ambulance (ouch £££!)  so I can keep and eye on the temps on stuff. Does a few neat things and will probably worry the crap out of me that something is slightly off spec. Anyhow its better than the car going bang. Was quite easy to fit to be honest. All the cables and stuff are done and there’s a good video on YouTube on a few tricks to fit things like the EGR sensor. I’ve removed the EGR ECU on the 300Tdi as they are terrible for clogging up the Turbo pipes and you get better MPG with it gone. Once you remove it its wise to get an EGR sensor so you can tweak the setting of the boost. I’ve not messed with it yet as that’s way down the list of things to do. I’ve also removed the 6 Way military light switch which I immediately sold to someone, so that was good. I’ve now got a standard light switch on the column. The keen eyed ones might notice I got a Grey Country plastic dash trip to cover the bare metal and heater pipes. Makes her look a lot better. The Siren has been kept operational and works on a single tone only so the changeable tones have been lost. I can now compete with the African trucks in the horn competition. I’ve also fitted 4 x 2.1 Amp USB charging points which i got from Tallon in New Zealand! 24 volt and marine grade so they should last. They were not cheap. (Update 19/06/2023 they have lasted in fact although they are not Quick Charge/QC3)

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