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As some of you know we have no TV licence so we cannot watch live TV but we can watch Netflix. We’ve jsut re-watched Long Way Down (LWD) and although i was extremely happy with it the first time we watched it. Now I’m not. Theres a good parody on You Tube also. Google that. You should all watch it again.Ewan and Charlie were quite rightly moaning about the speed of transition and especialy Ewan. Rightly so. They skipped seemingly whole countries and missed some of the best stuff. Going to Lalibela and not Simien! Quite a few factual errors in production but maybe they were just dumbing it down. I can say it was better than Walking the Nile. That was a crock of shite right there. Admirable to do it and sad someone died but the things they missed. Holy cow batman! OH,,,,I almost forgot LWD missed all the pyramids in Sudan! WTF was going on there….they were amazing. Better than the Giza ones. I’d also like to slap Charlie for the flash photos in the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.Some of you know the new road (not so new) from Egypt to Sudan is open now. So one big event from the trip is no more. I wonder if Wadi Halfa will survive……Anyhow isn’t it about time they fimed our next adventure for TV?You know they went through more tires on their trip than Henning did in three years. I bet he wished he had so many. Tires are a big problem for bikers. With Henning they are round his waste. (lets see if he reads this?)

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