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Henning has updated his site. Go take a look at www.oneworldonejourney.comHe doesn’t do it very often and is about to depart on the next leg of his trip. He’s currently in Canada and off to Asia. Not long and he will be finished and we will probably still be in the USA waiting for summer to complete Canada.On another note you might take a look at we met Will and Rochelle in Sucre, Bolivia. They’ve had a few BAD experiences recently so need some support. Get onto their web site and send them a message. Get onto their facebook and send them a message. You cannot imagine how unlucky they’ve been in the last few months. Its an unimaginable horror story which luckily we avoided.Last night as always we were looking for a camping space on the coast and of course its Friday so all the spaces are full. I took a bit of my own advice from African days and tried a piggyback. We asked the gate if their were any way we could go into the camp and ask if we could camp with someone. They mentioned some Swiss in a rental RV. So we went to ask….of course we could ! THANKS guys. Hopefully you see this.I also never said a proper THANKS to the guy who gave us some money.
So we saw the Pacific sunset last evening. Not a patch on Malawi. I’m sure you can look in the Lake Malawi posts for a photo of that. I’m sorry but its not even 10% as good. The tourists on the cliff top thought it was “AWESOME MAAAN”. Really if their is something to define the younger generation of people from the States its the overabundance of expression for something a little ordinary. Then again we’ve seen a lot of stuff and we are very lucky. The people in their $55usd camping spots !!! with their $225,000usd RV’s should try spending it on some travel. I mean we could do the trip and then some more trips on that sort of budget. Its enough cash for 5 years at least ! (They are very nice RVs though)They do ask us all the time if we feel unsafe and “had any trouble”,,, well,,, no not really. Will and Rochelle are unlucky and there’s always the odd time like the time in Costa Rica for us but the Americans in general (and this is usually the older ones) are scared of almost anywhere else. Maybe rightly so in certain places but even England is off the scale sometime. When certain things happen at home they stop coming. I really think I’m more likely to be murdered in the USA than 80% of the countries we’ve visited. So if some of the nice folks we’ve met think our truck,, is awesome,, and the trip,, is awesome,, then get some of that money you spend on RVs, Quad Bikes or a Speed Boat and go on holiday to somewhere like Malawi. If Madonna can do it then so can you….then you will truly see something AWSOME and every person you meet when you get home will think you are awesome and the trip was awesome and you can dine out on stories of the trip for years. I mean how many of you friends will have been to Malawi ? (there are other places of course which may be easier to get to)All that said, the people from the USA have awesome weekends….so enjoy your four wheel drive park….I know I wish I had a quad bike to go play !

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