Too many people there to do a full moon so Julie does a partial…Photo of one of the million or more speed humps in Mexico….really there are many. So many that If you never need to drive here then don’t ! It make the entire place rather unpleasant to drive in. Here they are called TOPES. Some Photos of the disproportionately price camp sites. I mean you can get a hotel for 200 so why are camp sites 200 ??Photos of the Sun and Moon Pyramids….Although you can walk up the big one. Allegedly the 3rd largest in the world….its better at Tikal. From the look of the orange netting they have up half way up the big one they have BIG queues at certain times of day. Go Late ! It only takes 3 hours or so to walk round the entire thing. The English people we met in the campsite in Oaxaca are back there again after leaving. (they must have the Overlander Disease). Actually, they have a fuel pump problem. Luckily they are well prepared and have previously moved the pump outside the tank. They have a TD5 and its normally a royal pain to get to the pump requiring dropping the tank out. You either cut a hole in the floor at the back of the Landy or move it outside. “chance favours the prepared….”Hope it all goes well guys….and get yourself to a Marine Chandlers to get some stuff to get rid of the Bacteria in your Diesel or you may have more trouble later. I wager its the bacteria screwing with the pump. If it gets to the injectors you’re in real trouble !!! Costly…trouble.

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