Mission San Parks

Firstly i’d like to pass comment on the fact that Tom Cruise is making Top Gun 2….really !!!!???? Talk among yourselves.The rest of the post is not child freindly and some may think i’m being politically incorrect. Don’t bother posting.We travelled up to Golden Gate today. Its a SAN parking meaning we can use the Wild Card my mother has in the UK. Good job they accept the letter of confirmation. Its typical SAN parks and the facilities are good and theirs even a petrol station like the others and this is a small park. The toilets are good and the location is great. Well worth the 4 times price hike they let foreigners pay. Equallity (my arse) and the South African constitution is a crock. “Never discriminate” is effectively their number one but its all OK if your not from SA they can descriminate away. Rant over…..put them (him) back in prison and give us all the charity money back and go back to descrimination against all rather than just tourists you bloody hypocrites. Constitution my ARSE.Back to normal….We hope to see a Bearded Vulture tomorrow and take a photo so my father can see that we’ve see two…..(ref to an earlier post)Henning may be back on the road in Late July and meeting us in South Africa. Theres talk of shipping to South America together ! Hopefully his bike will make it as he has a leaking front shock….Actully been leaking since Ethiopia.Mike the America on a BWW we met in Kenya Jungle Junction has had a really bad crash in Europe and is in a bad way. He’s recovering after being in ICU for a while. He’s travelled most of the way round the world and they someone whacks him in Europe. Golly.Matilda is needing a wheel bearing check and theres a few other things to do as part of the service. I hate doing maintenance in the cold as your hands hurt with the slightest knock. We have a nice fire tonight. We are doing our bit for Global Warming so at least our camp site is warm.I should also mention Tom Cruise is making more films like Mission Impossible V. Like he’s not got enough money. Top Gun 2…..LMAO. I wonder if Kelly McGillis is in it or is she “giving him the bird……”

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