Now i’m a bit partial to a rubber dress or catsuit but this has to be one of the worst movies ever. Not only is the actress in question,,,,, (literally),,,STOP….Theres no point in saying any more. She was better in Bond. Pfeiffer on the other hand was good albeit not enough to make me happy. I saw the “genuine” catsuit in Hard Rock (i think or maybe Planet Holywood) but its not the genuine thing in these places. If it were, how come they all have one ?Our campsite was invaded by cats. They were actually quite scary. If you remember the Dr. Who series where the monsters only came at you when you blinked, these were the same. Trun you back on the little blighters and they came closer. They wern’t nice little pussy cats. Evil…..Off to see the famouse Nick aka Langebaan Sunset tomorrow.

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