Matilda Misbehaving

Matilda is clunking….the rear prop needs an new UJ on the rear and the sliding joint is slightly loose. So i think i need to get a new rear propshaft. Anyone know a good parts supplier in SA ? I have the spare UJ but the slider is terminal i think? I’ve greased them all about 50 times on this trip and with some damn good grease so its just one of those things i suppose.Cut the hair today again. Its quite a while since i did it. Last time was at Eileens Trees inn in Tanzania. Thats about where Julie is up to in her diary….You’re not meant to get out the car in Kruger. So this photo wasn’t taken in Kruger. Seriously there are a few spots where you can and this is one of them.Dash wanted to see some Cats but even his keen eye didn’t spot any. The best view in the car and nothing.

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