Ivan The Not So Terrible

(hope i spelled it correctly)Its strange how things come about. Today in Newcastle (not the one in the UK) we met a father and son in the car park of the supermarket. They had waited to meet us to see “who turned up” at Matilda’s side. We had a chat and then later this evening when we’d put our location on the map a Land Rover Defender 90 (300Tdi) pulled up at the campsite. This was Ivan (the other son) in his 90 coming to see us. A nice surprise and we spent probably an hour chatting about the trip and his 90 and our Matilda. He’s coming back in the morning to take some photos as he is a bit of a keen photographer and we can probably steal the photo to put on the blog.  He abviously wants to go on an overland trip, well who doesn’t? He’s mentioned coming to the UK in 2018 to the Land Rover party. Well i didn’t know they were having one, so he can certainly come and visit if he makes the journey. After all, the South Africans have all been so hospitable, we must return the favour. See you then Ivan!

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