I Feel Like Rubbish

After an evening of self cooked food i woke this morning to full on trouble, resulting in three trips and feeling shaky and tired. The other guests (Julie and Henning) are fine so i must have picked something up in the toilets/somewhere else. I did drink a bit of Vodka so that doesn’t help !No work on the car today due to illness.I can’t get the shocks i need here. All garages only do standard length so i will have to either run on (expensive) wrong (too short) shocks or modify the shock mount to take the standard ones but give me the  length i need. I’ve Emailed a company in the UK that make the mounts to see if they will send me the specifications. Hopefully they will bail me out and send me info on something they designed for the same price as the mounts. I’ll then make them here myself. Either that or order shocks from the UK and pay import tax here. There may be somewhere closer that sells them but SA is very expensive.BTW,,,,i have some of the symptoms of Malaria. Hi Mum……..LOL

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