May i suggest any person who feels the need to post comments on MY blog follow their own advice.  Why would someone as their first post berate the very blog they seem so intent on reading. Why not post “its wonderful” or some such comment and follow their own advice ?If anyone feels the content of my blog is too opinionated for them they they need not read it. The fact that i have posted many entries with varied content seems to have escaped this last thread and since this is my blog you can go elsewhere if you feel at all aggrieved.Two of the commentors have a right to post as they have indeed posted before and not just to moan that i’m not being positive about this crappy country. Margaret whilst i respect your advice and am greatful for the huge amounts of help you have given I must dissagree. Its yet to be seen if theres any country that can match this one for just day on day hassle and price. No other country so far has come close and this includes Egypt for hassle and Europe (or Ethiopia) for prices. Rather than blame this on “Third World” i blame it squarely on the tourists (mostly South African or others in 4×4 rentals) who have turned this into their weekend getaway / holiday home location and the police know that can extort money from them at every blind corner. They all drive way too fast but not as fast as the local buses that seem to get immunity from the hassle whilst tearing down the middle of the road. I’ve also not come across another “Thrid World” country charging $1.50 for a coke in the local shop….Comments are closed. For one the spambots have discovered my blog and for another you’ve all royally pissed me off. I’m positive of that.

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