Assault On Ablution Block C

Firstly i’d like to say we’ve missed this years Comic-Con USA….it will likely be cancelled the year we get chance to go. Such is the way of things.According to the reception (Toilet Block) Ablution Block C is closed. Now either the SAS have discovered Brute Tear Gas and forcefully opened the building or someone is using it for its intended purpose and also as a testing ground for biological weapons. There’s a strong smell of something like Brute coming from the mens side……I’ve just been in for a sit down and could hardly breathe but this is not due to my bodily fuctions but to some (evil) potion application by a pensioner. Now I say pensioner as nobody under 65 must use Brute any more? Surely ! Correct me if i’m wrong here. Is there anyone using Brute under 65 reading?Anyhow it stinks and should be closed as per reception’s orders……at least you can’t smell what I did but im not sure whats worse.

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