Travel insurance……after a week of looking 8hours a day and ringing an awful lot of companies i finally went for the least worst option…what that means is the one thats not quite as bad as the others !  We have cover for 18 months and they have covered my non-existant medical condition. Yes you read that correctly, the condition i don’t have (as their is nothing wrong with me) is covered ! You see i made the mistake of having some tests which proved to be negative so they fall under their exisitng medical conditions clause. So how can i declare a condition i don’t have ! Stupid…all of them. I’ve wasted a week on this !!!So some cover you for a year, some for 18 months and some for 24 months. Some won’t let you visit back home, some will let you come back once and some have no limits. Trouble is they all have other clauses that mean they are good in one area and bad in another. If you want the best possible one for 12 months go for ACE Insurance (if they had done an 18 month policy they would have won hands down). If you want the most difficult to deal with and 18 months with visits home go for Flexi Cover and these are who we went with. To be honest i gave up and just went with them as i’d had enough. They are pretty un-flexi if you ask me but their cover is OK and they covered my illness that i didn’t have and haven’t got.

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