90 Days 10009 Miles 16108 Km 17 Countries 3 Continents

Today we noticed something wonderful. Not something from 2001 A Space Odyssey…. We’ve been on the road for 90 days, three months !!! We’ve just passed 10,000 miles. So we might update the Our Trip in Numbers Section a bit. We’ve used 1764.30 litres of Diesel (and i can now spell it correctly each time) this is 388 Gallons and 32 Filling Stations. We’ve averaged about 25MPG which to mainlanders is 9km per litre. We’ve passed partially through 3 continents in the 90 days. We’ve not (fingers crossed, touch wood) broken down and apart from a few minor technical issues Matilda has been a very good girl. We’ve even rescued another car today….a Land Cruiser. Not a full rescue but more of an assistance to the Italian occupants their laptop, pictures and their car battery. They needed a new battery and had accidentially deleted one third of their pictures from Kenya. Still it counts as an International UK Rescue number 6.

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