The Living Daylights

Here we are in Foz do Iguacu Motorcyles Travellers Hostel. We are meant to be resting but we’ve been the see the falls (Argentina Side) and yes its better than Victoria Falls. The views are much better and its just better to look at. You don’t get as wet which is one downside as you don’t “feel the falls”. Also we went out to Rodolfo’s (sort of manager of the place) parents house to meet them and have a coffee. On the way back my headlight were not working. So this started as few days of diagnostics. Found three separate problems !!! They are all fixed or patched. Risk of fire….moderate…At the biker place we met Phil, Werner and Claudia who we’d met in Ushuaia. Werner and Claudia are well known on the Hubb and “Slowphil” has also been around a bit. We shall see Phil again in Canada as he’s going home next week having used all his wifes “travelling allowance”.

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