Another failed attempt to see Superman….it wasn’t on at the time they said online. We couldn’t wait until 8:50pm as we went for the 5:50pm showing !We’ve just enjoyed a few days staying with Matthew and Jennifer where we were treated to hospitality both at home and out and about. They know a guy who owns a few restaurants so we were treated to all you can eat a two different places. It still amazes me that people who you have never met invite you to stay with their family….three boys and a dog (a husky with blue eyes). We didn’t rob them or tie them to a chair and torture them as Matthew was warned we might….We don’t think he’s a lunatic for inviting us as some of his friends did. They just put a note under our wiper when we were sleeping so we got in contact via Email. So we did see some Superpeople if not Superman himself.  Thanks to them. It reminds me of all the great people we’ve stayed with on our trip. We also really enjoyed a quick tour with CABRARIDES. So if you are thinking of missing out Honduras then think again. Its not as bad as everyone says. The check points are annoying but no more so than other countries. There are no more checkpoints than elsewhere in South or Central America. Take a trip up to Tegucigalpa, learn how to say it and take a bike ride ! We even got some Blackberry wine !A few days before when were on the beach we met another great bunch. Someone from Sheffield and the owners of a great little Hostel. For $9 per night we camped in the car park where we had the use of all the Hostel facilities. A good place to spend a few days and popular with locals and backpackers alike. Parking/Camping in the car park is no problem at all and they even have a power point.

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