One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

The other day on our way to Ushuaia we saw an overlander on rollerblades pushing a cart. I think he was Swedish due to the flags. We honked and he waved. He was about 45km from Ushuaia so we think it would have taken him at least another day to get here. Possibly he arrived today, who knows. I’ve searched the web a bit and cannot find a Sweedish blader but i didn’t spend long searching. We also saw a lot of pedal cycles.In other news it seems like the end of the world is running late, a Volcano has erupted just north of here and people have evacuated the area. This is quite near to where we will be driving. Lets see what happens. Possibly there is some errors in when the 13th Baktun ends….The campsite is full of French, theres 13 of them. Theres a Rotel Motel bus with 18 guests and German driver, two Polish on an Africa Twin (tent), and English guy (tent) on a 650 and us. In this mix there are 3 Land Rovers including us. Lets say the French have taken over a leave it at that. One of them, of course, has an Azalia. Henning will no doubt be laughing at the French invasion. If he’s reading this he may also have realised he needs warm clothing !I have dibs on the oven for Xmas Dinner and will be geting up at 8am to make sure i get it ! Roast Beef anyone….Hopefully they go out for dinner and leave me in peace in the kitchen. I doubt it very much. The over is, shall we say, old and has no guage of any type. My InfraRed thermometer will be used to test the temp. One of its many uses…..We went into town yesterday and its rather like a ski village off season, which I suppose it is. There’s a multitude of ski clothing shops selling all manner of expensive jackets made even more expensive because we are in Argentina. Tourists are of course buying them becuase they haven’t brought enough luggage already (only a massive case full) and didn’t plan for it being cold. We save one woman buying new walking boots not because she needed them but because she was on holiday. I wonder where she will put them fro the trip home in her already overfilled suitcase?

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