I did forget one. Margaret. I also forgot to say they do remember you in Maun and after a few seconds she dashed off having another ballet class to teach. You know who I mean.So today out of boredom we walked to The (“legendary”) Joe’s Beer House to have, you’ve guessed it, a Beer. So that would be one thing you’d all likely tell us to do. There, we did it. Julie as it turns out wanted to stay and eat and due to a mix up, we didn’t. I wasn’t clear in my intentions and she didn’t say anything. Shes not a happy bunny. The Mini on the roof left by some ill prepared travellers seems to be a highlight but all it does for me is prove some people do no preparation before setting off. I can think on one other trip thats going the same way right now. They didn’t achieve their goal of getting to Angola as they couldn’t get a visa at the border. Well blow me,,,,duh!Tomorrow we will leave for the place with the apple pie. You all told us to go so we will. If its not the best damn pie in the whole world I will be getting my money back. In true Yorkshire style I will stand back in the queue to get a refund. You have been warned “Mr. Baker/Chef”. I also understand its been sold out so who knows if the same legend is running it?So there you have it, some legends in their own mind (and advertisments). I bet you can’t guess the next blogs film title ? Its too easy……

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