Grindhouse 2

It looks as though its the gearbox. New one on order from the UK. EXPENSIVE when you include shipping and fitting. Our budget is knackered for sure. This is a $3000usd problem.We think the box should be here next Friday. We are luckily near a freinds house in Ohio. More importantly they are happy for us to crash here for a week. Maybe more. Matilda is alone in the Garage awaiting the part. We have De-camped from her in one of the rare occasions on this trip. At least my stress level is lower now we have a defined plan of action. I did not get much sleep last night.So, if Ashcrofts come through with the new box and ship it out monday we might still be on schedule for Xmas at home. Otherwise we mght be ranting a car to get us to Newark.

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