End Of Days

That’s it, the end. Its over…..The car is loaded on the final leg of our trip. Matilda is in a big steel box and waiting for shipping back home. We are also waiting for our shipping (flight) back home. I’ve posted some info on Wiki Overland about who we used for the car shipping, loading and arranging it was pretty painless really. Not as cheap as we had hoped but cheap enough considering what we have paid for other shipping legs. The loading was $250CAN and the Shipping was $1818CAN. We should have minimal fees in the UK although the process is a bureaucratic nightmare. My advice is don’t SORN you car, no matter what the RAC or DVLA tell you and when you return drive it into England and don’t ship in ! We will pass some comments on how we get on later. The paperwork shouldn’t be too bad but getting home on to the drive is the problem. There’s a new thing called Euro Transit Plates that allow you to drive anywhere in Europe for 4 days. We will probably be getting those. It makes a mockery of our MOT, TAX and Insurance rules but is completely legal. Why can’t England issue these? Every country in the world (we know of) has temporary plates you can use to get your car home if its unregistered. Not England. The plates are German. Welcome Back UK Citizen,,,, now fill out some forms…..

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