Didnt We Just Do This

On the way back from Adventure Overland in Stratford this weekend we did something we don’t do very often.We broke down !To be accurate we ran out of diesel so it turns out my fuel gauge is wrong and has become progressively more inaccurate since Morocco. It was just above the Orange area and we ran out. Now initially I panicked a bit as we were on a main 60MPH single road but only 3 miles from home. Cars were whizzing by us and I was flapping a bit. I took a breath and thought what stops a 300Tdi and applied rule #1 of you’ve broken down in a 300Tdi….its got to be fuel. I mean what stops a 300Tdi other than no fuel getting to the engine. The cause could be a few things but I switched over to the new reserve tank and after 3 mins she started with a cough and splutter. For those that don’t know. Fuel Pump, Stop Solenoid, Timing Belt are common and all do the same. No Fuel.The main tank is out and the wiring checked. I did spill enough diesel on the drive to enable drilling to start in a few years and I drained out 45 litres and that’s the entire reserve tank give or take. The fuel sender is 206 Ohms and should be 270 Ohms on empty or thereabouts. So its a faulty sender. The gauge is good. It also turns out my tank is bashed to hell under the guard so i’m changing the lot.  Its well dented. Presumably by squaddies.So here I am fitting a Tank only a few weeks after the reserve went in.Approximately for a Land Rover Fuel Sender the Resistance is as follows.Full  ~ 19 OHMS3/4  ~ 38 OHMS1/2  ~ 67 OHMS1/4  ~ 116 OHMSEmpty  ~ 270 OHMS

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