Death Road

There you have it. “Death Road” completed. To be honest its not scary at all. The road is wide enough and not busy. There’s worse tracks in Morocco….much worse and much more scary although not a beautiful. The start turn of the death road is just after KM54 on the main road and if you make it to the bottom you have to pay the toll of 25 BOL per person. We’re not sure if this is a rip off or not…we got a ticket each. If you want to venture into the town at the end of the road there’s a congestion charge of 5 BOL. It not worth going in unless you need something like a coffee to calm the nerves…LMAO. The town is a dead end so you need to return to the end of the death road to get the main highway. We overheated on the way back even though I’ve just changed the coolant so that’s not the problem. Hope you like the photos. There’s a few from this amazing country which is ranked in the top three from our trip, it maybe NUMBER 1 !! The scenery is amazing. The pricing is amazing and we could stay here for months….oh wait….we are. Those of you in the UK get ready for the shipping festival. We are ordering parts probably whilst we wait for our American B2 visa to arrive which we are hopefully applying for here in La Paz. Currently staying in Oberland Hotel in their camping for £10 oer night which is expensive but there’s more overlanders here and its safe. Its not quiet though as the dogs next-door; we think they have a kennel, start as dusk and go on most of the night. The road from Sucre to Samaipata (Che Guervera route) is amazing but muddy so those on bikes think long and hard. There are ways past the mud but if you drop your bike you’re in trouble and in the mud. If we stay here waiting for parts (and stuff like new short trousers!) much work will be done on the car. All of it maintenance and not fixing so it all depends on costs if it gets done. We can get a few things here for the car but somethings they do not have the parts and these leaks and bangs are becoming annoying and I want to fix them. I can’t get a seal for my rocker cover and it now on its third attempt at sealing it with RTV. Julies tooth ache is gone and we are now brushing our teeth every day thanks to being able to charge the electric toothbrush. Manual toothbrush is only on standby. My beard has been cut again as we went to the USA embassy but they wouldn’t let us in unless we make an interview. I even put a shirt on ! The B2 visa is $160usd each.

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