Leaving lovely Alaska and back into Canada. We met some nice people in Alaska and we would have liked to stay longer but we need to get moving. The Canada border crossing was fun. They wanted to take our pepper spray off us but when I pointed out the French instructions about protecting us from “Dangerous Animals” it was allowed as “bear spray” is permitted. They also forget to give us our passports back so we had to drive back about 3 Km. We strangely didn’t realise immediately. They also looked in the car to make sure we weren’t carrying anyone else???? The Gearbox is behaving and the chatter is much less. Maybe the clutch wasn’t quite seated correctly and causing that. We can only guess what it was. As the gearbox place said. If its quiet in drive and changes well, which it does, then its fine. Camped out last night for the first time in a while. We had a fire and made steaks. Luckily we had some in the freezer as we were not expecting to find a spot for free with a fire ring. The weather was good but my improvised hot water bottle in the form of a hot stone was nice. Its still getting cold in the evenings. It was maybe 7C when we went to bed. We’ve now seen more bears than we care for and they are everywhere. The highlight today was a very young cub but we missed the photo as there were cars behind us and we couldn’t just swerve off the road to take some pictures. We are in A&W having a burger and Wi-Fi. Its a bit expensive ! Julies birthday is on Monday. Where will we be……She’s not very impressed with the places we’ve been on her Birthday in countries past. Can we make Edmonton? Hi, Shona. We haven’t had chance to respond to your messages. You seem to have taken over from Gayle in being the frequent poster…..

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