Clear And Present Danger

Just like the film. See the action live….The wait in Port Elizebeth,,, which we were not told about makes me angry. We could have saved a LOT of money had we been told !!!! 10 days of hotels to be precise and $400 USD !!!! We paid for this and would expect that this little snippet of info would hve been passed on. We were in PE and came back here to load !!!!!! We could have stayed in PE !!!!!! and saved money….ARGH!!!!Track Matilda from Cape Town to Port ElizabethTrack Matilda from Port Elizabeth to Buenos AiresYou might need to go to the second or third page on the links above to see the current leg of the boats sailing schedule. Using the right hand bottom page selection button to do this. Send me a message if you have problems.The container is MOAU670593 if you want to track it here. Pretty pictures and everything.

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