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I’ve been thinking about completing the our trip in numbers section and my Dad mentioned it the other day. So I’ve started on it. Some people have mentioned how good Julie was on the trip living in a Land Rover. Well we both did it you know. Not just her! Anyhow, I worked out how many nights we spent in the Land Rover excluding all the nights in hotels waiting for shipping containers and all the nights we spent in the houses of people we met. You could say couch surfing but these people opened up their homes for us and we had a blast with them all. We drank most of them dry but we did try to pitch in on the alcohol purchases and food. We spent 702 nights in the Land Rover in various locations and they are all on the map in minute detail. We slept in Walmart almost every night in North America and we slept 344 nights on the trip in real “wild camps”. Places off the side of a road and sometimes just anywhere we could find. Some were not pleasant like on the side of a cobbled road in Europe. VERY NOISY!!! We slept in campsites for nearly 211 nights in Africa, 91 nights in South America and 56 nights in North America. The campsites were of variable quality for sure. We remember the best ones fondly. Good showers and good Wi-Fi made for some super camping. We also remember the people we met in them and we stayed couch surfing with quite a few in South Africa. We do miss sleeping in the Land Rover. We really do. Over the Xmas break we might very well be in it again for a night. On the driveway of course. I sleep in a different position now than when I was just a “normal person” with a normal bed. My position is geared to the space we had and its not changed back. I don’t think it ever will. I was pretty used to sleeping in a sleeping bag even before we set off and that showed with my lack of spread. Julie on the other hand “spreads”, if you will pardon images that may deliver. I think she has also started taking less room although given half a chance shes over on my side. The bed in the Land Rover was a full size double with a little extra at the sides as its not like you can roll out onto the floor. There was a window in the way. So sleeping on the edge, so to speak, was easy and means it felt a lot bigger.We have some visitors at Xmas. I wonder if they want to sleep in Land Rover?

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