Bits And Bobs

Not sure if I mentioned this but when we went up Sani Pass I broke the top ring off the shock on the rear. This was screwed back on and then epoxy’d on. I broke it off again in Marakele park on the 4×4 trail so we are running on the spare shock I carry. We managd to get another second hand shock from a 4×4 place to replace the spare for now. The Bilstein that broke by the top unscrewing and stripping the last few threads was welded in the normal terrible way by a local garage and they ruined it. It was perfectly servicable but his welding wasn’t so he completely knackered it. I could have done it at home in 5 mins in the garage properly but were not at home.I also noticed a nut missing off the rear anti roll bar. How that unscrewed I will never know as the bolt is free both ends to spin so you would have thought if there was enough force to unscrew the nut the bolt would just spin. Anyhow as with these things, I have another….two. So its fixed. I wonder where it fell off. Hopefully through the front windscreen of a mini bus. (the pain in the arse that they are)We are still in Seedy Hotel as Margaret puts it and its OK actually. A few home comforts missing like a washing machine but it gives a good nights rest. Today we look for a CADAC gas bottle as the camping gas ran out again and we can’t find anywhere to fill it again so i’m just going to have to get one. I don’t want one as they are too tall for the roof so it will also mean eventually getting a rear mount for it. The CADAC bottle will take us over 2.5meters so a pain in the arse when going into shopping centers (and for tolls).So to anyone who brings Camping Gaz make sure you also ge the Camping Gaz to CADAC adapter (off Ebay or camping shop) and then also the small to larger CADAC adapter when you get the South Africa. This will enable you to get it filled almost anywhere.

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